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St. James International is a well established and truly independent firm of Wealth Managers, able to recommend whichever investment product from whatever source to suit the needs of the individual investor. We retain complete impartiality as we are not tied to any financial institution and do not have any investment products of our own. St. James International is therefore able to give entirely unbiased advice across the full range of investment products available in the market.

Our independence is your security.

Our primary aim is to maintain and enhance our clients' financial status by adopting what is known in the industry as "best advice principles". We advise investors on what is in their best interest according to their circumstances. By using a combination of factors such as current and historical fund performance, size of funds, charges and levels of service, St. James International has been able to help our clients to choose ranges of funds that have provided them with above average levels of growth.

Depending upon your location and or jurisdiction, we may be able to offer all or part of our services.

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Please check with our local office to ascertain what services are available in your area