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Portfolio management can be a complicated and time consuming business which when done badly or neglected can result in your assets being exposed to unnecessary taxation and poor investment return or worse. International Investors are able to construct a portfolio of offshore investment funds to reflect their tolerance to risk. The choice of funds is usually wide ranging and includes funds managed by some of the world’s leading offshore fund managers, selected for consistent performance.

Many people have experienced the stress involved in second guessing the financial markets. They buy close to market highs and sell close to market lows. The timing of a short term investment is critical and can make a significant difference to it's performance. To benefit from the full potential of the financial markets investors must stay invested during the up's and down's of the financial markets. Nearly anything you might do with your money involves risk.

The key is to understand, limit and manage risk in such a way as to accomplish your objectives no matter what happens. There is no investment that does not have one or more elements of risk. Yet, some of those with significant risk have the greatest potential for return. The only solution is to diversify, spread your funds around, carefully balancing one risk against another.

Whatever your situation is, St James International have the expertise to provide flexible and relevant Portfolio Management solutions with a focus on ensuring financial security, over the longer term.