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As Independent Wealth Managers, St James International are able to offer a wide range of products that provide flexibility to accommodate changes to personal circumstances and can be used to save for any medium to long term objective. Investors can choose from a wide range of Offshore Investment funds managed by some of the world’s leading fund managers. Whether investments take the form of a regular investment into a form of savings plan or a one off lump sum investment, the investment can be split between different funds to create a portfolio of funds to match individual needs. Balancing risk against reward at the same time offers the opportunity of flexibility to change funds when the need arises.

Building Capital

Every Investor is unique. Each Investor has a different set of reasons to invest, whether it is to save for a children’s education, fund for retirement, purchase a home or simply to provide for the family. The most usual way that people achieve this is through saving regularly, so that saving becomes a habit. St James International can evaluate which savings or investment vehicle best suits you once your circumstances, goals and attitude to the investment risk and your individual tax situation has been evaluated.

Lump Sum Investment

Investments managed by Offshore Investment Companies are popular with International Investors because they allow savers to create a portfolio of investment funds from a wide range of internationally acclaimed fund managers. The typical type of Lump Sum Investment vehicle that St James International recommends allows investors to make changes to their selected funds whenever they wish, whilst at the same time taking advantage of tax benefits and sound performance by investing in Offshore funds.